What we do

Specializing in Tube and Solid State Amplifier Repairs, Tune ups, Re-tubing and Restorations.

Located at 5214 Ave F, Austin, TX, on the corner of North Loop and Ave F. in Historic Hyde Park.

Typical turnaround 10-14 days for most jobs.

On the road emergency repairs available: 512-581-1796.


Our story

As a traditional player and lover of old, I not only fix, clean and restore your amp but I have a players ear and a deep desire to get your tools tight and right so you can concentrate on your music.

Whether you are a touring musician, a local legend, or a weekend warrior, Joe's Amps is here to take care of your electronic and amplification needs. We know your gear is important and we take our job seriously when it comes to helping you maintain and get the most out of your pre-amps, amplifiers and speakers. If you dig the Marshall tone, or the sweet vintage tweed, or anything in-between, we can help you. We can usually get you on the bench and repaired in 2 weeks time. If we cannot, we will work together to make the decisions that are right for you and your budget and do our best to keep you wired for sound and ready for any gig or recording experience.

We can also help you upgrade your equipment and are happy to talk amps or look at a prospective purchase for you. We do plan on having a revolving inventory of classic restored ready to go vintage amps in the near future, and we also are happy to discuss your sonic goals and target the right equipment as best we can to help you make that RIGHT choice for your next piece of gear.

Come on by, check out the shop and say hello!

(Ben Stevens)


Magnecord Studios

What is a Magnecord? Well if they were alive, you could ask Louis Armstrong, Jerry Lee Lewis, Les Paul and Muddy Waters to name a few.

In 1952 the Magnecord was the most widely used commercial tape recorder in the world. A whole sonic landscape that shaped and helped create the sounds of America that we hear on countless recordings of all styles virtually disappeared and was forgotten. Until now.

Rediscovered and merged wit h the 21st centuryʼs technology, this recording experience brings out the best in amateur as well as professional players. This truly analog process is what creates the sound of a STAX records or that Classic SUN STUDIO sound.

To book studio time or find out more call 512-374-0001. Also please visit our Facebookpage.



Please come visit us at 5214 Avenue F, Austin, TX 78751
Tel: 512-374-0001

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Tuesday-Friday 12-6pm
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Closed Sunday and Monday

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